Wednesday, June 14, 2017

What? Who? Why?


Another blog from another educator?  Do I really think I have something new to say?  Do I really think I'm an expert on anything?  The answer to both of those is a resounding...maybe. I also know that I am a person who needs to reflect to gain the most from my experiences  This blog will be a place for my personal reflections on my work, my home, my health, my spiritual journey, and anything else I need to get off my chest.


I saw a quote once that said 

“I am not who you think I am; I am not who I think I am; I am who I think you think I am ”-T. Cooley

I am done with this.  I want to be me.  This may be the best part of being over 50.  I am a 30 year veteran teacher who still loves to learn, a wife for 29 years who still loves her husband, and a mom of three sons who still marvels that we are all still alive.  I teach PK-3 general music and I'm in charge of the gifted program from our K-12 district.  I have taught in 4 schools in two states, worked with over a dozen administrators, and held positions as band director, choir director, musical director and elementary music teacher, along with gifted facilitator, and various other duties as assigned.  Most days I love what I do, and spend my "free time" trying to figure out how to do it better or learning something new to make me a better person.


As I stated earlier, I am a person who needs to reflect.  My husband says I think too much.  Possibly, I am guilty of overthinking.  This blog will give me a chance to do a brain dump. I can get some of the ideas out of my head so I can focus on more on specific tasks.  I know I am easily distracted, so this will be a coping mechanism.  Also, I just may have something to share that someone else hadn't thought of yet.